My Love Letter To Yoga

Dear Yoga, You are my medicine. You brought me back from a period of my life when I was broken. My mom introduced me to you as a child and because of your connection to her, you have always held a very special place in my heart. I have turned to you in key transitions in my life where I have been lost. Your practice has helped me find myself again and again.  When I was at my lowest point right after my marriage ended, I remember an inner voice urging me to get on my mat.  Denying my self care, I had not practiced in many years, but I recall an inner knowing that you would save me. During my first few classes, I had such low self worth and was so uncomfortable in my body, that I would hide in the back of the class comparing my appearance and my flexibility to the beautiful yogis in the room. While in shavasana one day, I had a very spiritual experience - a clear vision of my grandmother who was no longer living. She provided encouragement to me and words of comfort. I held back my


If you would have told me a month ago that I would be unemployed and having endless amounts of free time to spend with my daughter and read, meditate, organize, cook, take online classes and focus on my well-being, I would have thought it was a dream. For I had wished for so long to have an escape from my reality - my 8-5 job as a medical speech therapist in a hospital where although I was helping my patients, my soul knew I belonged elsewhere. For years I felt imprisoned in a life that wasn’t mine. I made a promise to myself to live a life without regrets - as I see how fleeting life is everyday. I have witnessed people and animals take their last breaths of life and have observed how there is no sense out of who lives and who dies. For in my experience, some of the most amazing humans are the ones whose lives end too soon. I didn’t realize how much my job took an emotional and psychological toll on me until the universe decided to pull me out - or Coronavirus/COVID-19 de